Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and re-emerged as a way for surfing instructors to manage their large groups of students, as standing on the board gave them a higher viewpoint, increasing visibility of what was going on around them - such as incoming swell. Now Stand Up Paddling is commonly used for Surfing Waves, Flat-Water Paddling and Racing as well as a way to gain superior core fitness. The sport benefits athletes with a strong 'core' workout.



SUP'ing is popular at warm coastal climates and resorts, and is gaining in popularity as celebrities are sampling the sport, and cross-over athletes are training with SUP. SUPs have been spotted around the globe, anywhere where there is easy access to safe waters, as well as in the surfing line-ups of the world.



stand up paddle surfing (sup)

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